What We Do

We help companies across the technology value chain create and monetize relationships with prospects, customers, media, influencers, investors, strategic alliances and channel partners.

How We Do It

We mesh modern digital marketing with old school work ethic – and personal connections to business and media leaders earned over decades of  successful collaboration – to deliver high-value results.

Who We Do It For

We represent innovators at the forefront of communications, applications, cloud computing, 3D-printing, Internet of Things, security, managed IT and disruptive technologies yet to emerge.


Why We Do It

We believe in giving voice to technology innovators who unleash creativity, empower people, bridge divides, improve lives, redefine markets and drive economic growth.

Why BuzzTheory

Marketing has never been more important than it is today. And it’s never been more challenging. Or misunderstood. Today’s marketers are responsible for a dizzying range of fast-evolving responsibilities in a marketplace that’s moving even faster. BuzzTheory Strategies is uniquely positioned to help our clients maneuver this wild ride, delivering world-class content and knowhow squarely centered on revenue generation and retention, driving relationships that deliver success to our clients, their distributors and their value-chain partners.

We help leading brands thrive and emerging brands become leaders. 


Khali Henderson
Senior Partner,
Chief Content Officer

Khali is a leading national expert on technology marketing and distribution, content marketing and strategy, and all things channel.

Casey Freymuth
Managing Partner,
Chief Strategy Officer

Casey is a strategy and marketing consultant serving high-growth technology firms, their investors and the media that cover them.

Shilo Lusson
Director of Events and Project Management

Shilo is a marketing maven, having managed programs and events for leading brands in the telecom, IT and technology services sectors.

Israel Laveaga
Art Director,
Brand Strategist

Israel is a visual communications expert behind many leading brands, events, publications, advertising and digital marketing campaigns in the technology services industries.

Mario Florence
Digital Media Manager,
Front-End Developer

Mario is a digital media and web technologies guru with extensive experience in procuring and developing technology solutions for digital marketing initiatives.

Bob Titsch
Content and Advertising Director

Bob is a content and advertising executive with more than 20 years of media, marketing and events experience in communications, software and emerging technology.

Arien Freymuth
Senior IT Adviser,
Code Jockey

Arien is an IT and software expert with extensive experience in developing, procuring, integrating and troubleshooting digital marketing applications.

Dylan Crawford
Social Media Manager,
SEO Specialist

Dylan is a social media content and platform manager, SEO specialist and market researcher for emerging and established brands.

Robert Frost
Art Director,
Visual Projects Manager

Robert is an accomplished visual artist and photographer, having worked and managed many retail and B2B projects for leading agencies and brands across the nation.

Sample Clients

Alliances and Affiliations