Arien Freymuth, Digital Media Manager
Arien Freymuth is the digital media manager for BuzzTheory Strategies, where he assumes primary responsibility for technology procurement and management for the marketing initiatives of BuzzTheory clients. Arien has successfully launched or co-managed many technology-driven marketing activities and campaigns for companies large and small, including websites, information portals, landing pages, digital ads, television and radio commercials and more. He also has managed a range of client and house research projects. Often relied upon as a help desk for clients struggling with software suites, Arien holds a variety of technical credentials in areas such as database design, JavaScript, web design, networks, security, project management and Java programming. He also is well-versed in multimedia and design software. Arien lives in Los Angeles, California, and spends his free time hiking, sailing and volunteering with local organizations to maintain wildlife and natural resources.