Casey Freymuth, Managing Partner
Casey Freymuth is a strategy and marketing executive specializing in high-tech markets, disruptive and rapidly evolving technologies and value generation. His client list includes many of the world’s best-known brands as well as emerging market leaders, their investors and the media that cover them. With deep roots in management consulting and analysis, Casey has extensive experience in identifying growth opportunities and helping clients position their companies to capture, retain and defend revenue and market share, and to bring their internal operations in line with marketing and positioning objectives. He also is an accomplished writer and editor, having worked extensively with technology and national media to launch properties and events or build out coverage for technology markets including telecom, software and IT services, electronic marketplaces and 3D printing, among others. At BuzzTheory, he advises clients on a wide range of strategic and marketing matters and is responsible for BuzzTheory’s operations. An enthusiast for all things tech, Casey lives in Phoenix with his family, pets and countless gadgets.